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The FDA Attacking Flavored E-liquids

If you enjoy vaping a variety of flavored e-liquids, then you might have to start making your own. In case you haven’t heard, the FDA is coming after the e-cig industry once again. I don’t know if they ever stopped coming after us. Either way, they’re kicking their attack into high gear. They announced that they’re proposing a rule that would ban e-liquid flavors that appeal to the youth. What does that even mean?

The FDA Is At It Again

When you really dive deep into the meaning, it means nothing. All the flavors that appeal to the youth also appeal to adults. I don’t know many adults who don’t like fruit flavors, candy, or desserts. This line of thinking is beyond stupid. It’s a blatant attack on our freedom. Using this line of thinking we could attack any of our freedoms by saying that they attract the youth. The government could ban sports cars or fast cars because they attract the youth and cause accidents. What 16 year old wouldn’t want to drive a Mustang? Heck, my cousin crashed his Camaro when he was 19. He was a youth and couldn’t handle the rear wheel drive. It spun out on him in the rain. I’m sure this happens to teens all around the country. Should we ban rear wheel drive cars next?

Think kind of thinking is un-American, it’s stupid, and it can be applied to so many different areas. Is the FDA going to ban the same youth-attracting flavors of alcohol? How could they ban fruit or candy flavored e-liquid without banning the same flavors of alcohol? That just doesn’t make sense at all. If the flavor is the culprit, it should be restricted to children’s food and children’s medicine. Oh wait, cotton candy isn’t good for anyone. Vaping cotton candy e-liquid might not be as bad as eating cotton candy. Should we ban the sell of cavity-causing cotton candy too? I’m pretty sure cotton candy advertisements target children and it’s obviously bad for them. I think we should ban the sell of cotton candy. While we’re at it, we might as well ban the sell of all candy. Candy is directly advertised to children and it causes diabetes. Kids are coming down with diabetes at record breaking rates, so why not ban the sale of the harmful food-like substances that cause diabetes and target children?

The Truth

I know why the government isn’t concerned with other things that harm kids, because cotton candy sales aren’t taking a chunk out of big tobaccos pockets. That’s the truth and it’s sad. The FDA doesn’t give a flying fudge about the youth, but they do care about the lobbying dollars from big tobacco. That’s what this war on e-cigs is all about if we’re being honest. And it’s sickening.


Current State of Underground Vaping and The Black Market

The underground vaping market is thriving thanks to asinine regulations and it’s only getting worse. The saying goes, every time a law is made another business is created. It holds true for vaping as well. Every time they pass another limiting regulation, the underground market gets bigger and bigger. It’s a shame that it has to be called underground or black. Vapers have always made their own devices. It started with flashlights because ecigs weren’t satisfying their cravings. Now doing such things is illegal, thanks to predicate laws that don’t make any sense and limits on tanks and power.

The only thing that makes sense with vaping is the demands of the market. Market economics are always spot on. Supply and demand never lie. Supply is out pacing demand, thanks to mass manufacturing and the smear campaign against vaping. People are afraid that vaping is worse for them than cigarettes but people are still converting to vaping. More people would convert if it wasn’t for the smear campaign. For current vapers, this isn’t all bad news.

Since many people are afraid of vaping, supply has far outpaced demand for several years now. This has led to huge price cuts across the board. Even VaporFi, one of the biggest companies in the vaping industry, cut their prices by 20-30%. You can buy mods today for less than $50 that would have cost over $300 just five years ago. Now is the best time to stock up on equipment ahead of regulations. You can get anything you need at basement prices. If regulations never come to fruition and the smear campaign ends, then people will start vaping in droves. That’s when the supply/demand ratio will change and prices are likely to rise. Who knows by how much, but it’s almost a guarantee that they’ll rise.